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    SAP BW Connector vs SAP ERP Connector

      I've been told that it's better to connect QV directly to the ERP vs to the BW. Does anyone have a document specifying these reasons? Thanks,

        • SAP BW Connector vs SAP ERP Connector
          Frank Siciliani

          Are you looking at using the OLAP connector for BW? If so, I would recommend that you use the DSO or SAP connector instead and get the data from the underlying tables.

          We initially were using the OLAP connector, but switched after having many issues and talking to support.

          • SAP BW Connector vs SAP ERP Connector
            sunil jain

            SAP BW Connector vs SAP ERP Connector

            1) SAP BW Connector is Extraction of - SAP ERP Connector is for extraction of data from Cube,DSO From table or view of SAP R/3

            2) Extraction from SAP BW is faster than - Extraction from SAP R/3 is slow compare to B/W

            SAP R/3 because data is processed and indexed - because some sap table are not indexed like

            and on Indexed data select query working very fast - KONV,MSEG

            3) Extraction from SAP B/W does not affect ERP - SAP R/3 Extraction affect ERP Operation or Operation - performance.

            4) SAP BW almost solve incremental load problem - Still Some SAP R/3 Table donot have any

            - timestamp in table


            • SAP BW Connector vs SAP ERP Connector

              Hello Juan,


              I have already said this in another thread: "http://community.qlik.com/message/108266#108266"



              what you should use depends on your experience and your SAP knowledge. If you have no SAP BW system and you only want to use SAP BW I would say - Do not install SAP BW only for QlikView. You should also be carefull from the legal point of view because SAP has the possibility to debit you with a OpenHub license - I think but I'm not sure. It is not so clear.


              If you have no SAP BW I would suggest:

                   - Do not introduce SAP BW only to get the data for QlikView. If you want to use the SAP Service API (SAP

                   BW datasource extractors) which is very powerful I suggest you will look around for a 3rd party connector. I

                   made good experience with the Theobald connector. It also supports the connection to the SAP Service API      without the introduction of SAP BW and I think all other possiblities of the QV SAP connector.

                   - Use the QV SAP connector to extract the SAP tables, reports, ...


              If you have an SAP BW system I will suggest to collect the data from the SAP BW system because it will have no performance impact on your SAP ERP system. And your SAP ERP system is much more important than the SAP BW because you will do your operational business with your SAP ERP and the reporting with SAP BW.

                   - Use an extractor what you want that supports the extraction of the SAP BW system.


              Hopefully it helps you a little bit to find a good solution for your tasks.


              Best regards!