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    SAP Connector or OlAP Connector?

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi guys,

      After reading few things abt SAP Connector and OLAP Connector. I wanted to verify some details which I understand.

      For the QV SAP Connector 5.3, which I want to Install. When I did Correctly understood, is that so, that I have to Install the 3 SAP transports on the SAP side 46.zip, 610-620.zip, 640-700.zip

      and run the version 5.3 QlikviewSAP_X64setup.exe on the Qlikview Server.

      My First question is that there is already installed Qlikview version 5.0 some 1 or 2 year before and there are Applications, which are running based on that version.If I want to install this new version(5.3), can I access the SAP Tables which I used to access before. The transports in the sap side which are used now are different. Should I have to change those, so that I can now access Queries through OLAP Connector.

      Second Question : If I install this version 5.3 QlikviewSAP_X64setup.exe, are all the Connectors like, SQL Connecor, Query connecor, OLAP Connector, DSO/ODS Connector available? which one is Performance wise better as I read here before that with OLAP Connecor there are performance Problems..

      Did anyone install 5.3 Version?