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    Intersection in set analysis

    Dennis Gadeberg



      I'm having a problem finding the right syntax for a set analysis.

      What I want to do, is to show a productgroup, here it is a subscription to one of four tv packages, let's call it "Basic".


      I want to see how many customer that have this tv package - that easy. The tricky part is what to do, if I would like to have how many customers that have "Basic" package in one column, and then in the next column, I would like to see how many of these customers that have this package, also have purchased an add-on product, like one specific channel, that are not present in the package "Basic".

      This specific channel have a productID, and are also part of a producthierechy, eg productgroup, just like the "Basic"-package.


      I have tried something like:

      Sum({<Produkt_grp_2={'Basic TV Pakke'}>*<Produkt_grp_2={'Frit Valg Kanal'}>}Amount), where Basic TV Pakke is the Basic package, and "Frit Valg Kanal", is the add-on channel. But it does not work.


      Any idea what to do?


      Thank you.