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    Ignore selection of dimension value in the  chart



      I have a report in which I have two charts, one is combo chart and other is KPI.

      In combo chart, the data is Sales by Year. Year as a dimension value and Sum of Sales for the corresponding year. In this combo chart we are displaying total 5 years of data. i.e we have total 5 bar one for each year. If it current year is 2016 then in combo charts years will be from 2012 till 2016. and their corresponding Sales.

      The year in combo chart is a calculated dimension with the below expression :

      if(([Year ID] >= $(vCurrentYear)-4) and ([Year ID]<=$(vCurrentYear)), [Year ID],Null)


      In the second chart which is a  KPI, we are displaying only YTD Sales. i.e. Sales only for Current year (2016).


      Now when we select a year in Combo chart, the this value also gets changed which should not change as per the requirement.

      The expression used in KPI is :

      Sum({<[Year ID]= {$(vCurrentYear)} >}[Sales Daily])/1000



      In case when in the combo chart, I DID NOT used calculated dimension; instead I used dimension only as [Year ID] , then even on the selection of any Year value in it did not had any affect the value in KPI.


      It seems when I used the calculated dimension then the associative behavior of the Qlik is not working correctly. Can someone help on this?