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    How to calculate monthly costs based on year costs

      Dear Qlikviewers,


      I'm struggling with a pretty common and simple task/problem. I hope you guys could help me solve it.


      I have an Excel with the budgets for all the salaries per employee (per row), this is a yearly budget. Let's say € 120.000

      I want to get € 10.000 per month in my QV table...


      How can I load this Excel in a way that I get the salaries on a monthly base, including the month timestamp (e.g. 2016-01-01)


      Columns in the sheet: EmployeeID, EmployeeName, DepartmentName, DepartmentID, FTE%, Salary


      Could I do this with a crosstable? Or should I do something in the load script?


      For now I simply do 'Salary /12    as Monthly_Salary' but I have no link with a datefield or calendar


      Could something like this be the solution?:

      'Salary /12    as [2016-01-01]'

      'Salary /12    as [2016-02-01]'

      'Salary /12    as [2016-03-01]'  etc


      We want to do this to compare our budget(s) with the actual spendings per month. Which comes from a SAP DB.


      Thanks in advance for all your help!