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    Any SAP BW & Qlikview users out there?

      I would like to know your experience with these tools. Is there anyone that has to use both technologies and if so, how do you divide them? Did you have to retire one and implement the other? I'm currently at a company that has both, and I'm analyzing if I should keep them both or only QV. Thanks,

        • Any SAP BW & Qlikview users out there?


          In summary , BW is a Data Warehouse, you can make cubes, aggregated data and a tool BEX to make query in BW but no report or cokpit ( no like Qlik)

          With Qlik you can extract Data ( make a datawarehouse perhaps, for me i don't know how it's possible, but why not) and make report,graph,sales cokpit...

          If you want to compare Qlik with a SAP Tool, it's more Business Object.