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    Current Month-Previous Month data in Qlik



      I am facing a issue in qlik where we need to get the difference of sum(Selected Month Year) and Sum(Previous Month Year) .

      The expression is giving correct totals but it is giving me two rows for one selection. When I am selecting june it is giving me 2 rows one is for june and one is for may. I want only selected year in my table.

      Please find the attached screenshot and  expression I am using. Please help me with the same.



      Sum({<[Accounting Year Month Calendar.AccountingMonthYear]={"$(=Max([Accounting Year Month Calendar.AccountingMonthYear]))"}>}[Financial Loss Reserve Amount])


      Sum({<[Accounting Year Month Calendar.AccountingMonthYear]={"$(=Date(Addmonths(Max([Accounting Year Month Calendar.AccountingMonthYear]),-1),'MMM-YYYY'))"}


      >}[Financial Loss Reserve Amount])


      Thanks in advance