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    How to download the SAP connector


      Hi All,
      I'm a SAP consultant and I'm new to QlikView. I installed a SAP sneak preview and the QlikView personal edition on my laptop but now, for what is my understanding, I need an SAP connector in order to evaluate a solution SAP-QlikView. Can you tell me where(or if) I can download it ?

      Thanks in advance,

        • How to download the SAP connector
          Rakesh Mehta

          Hi Gianluca,

          For your prototyping you can connect directly to your SAP database using OLEDB connection.

          If you must try SAP Connector, then I would advise to work with a QT partner or customer, as SAP Connector is not availabl to download and evaluate, rather it needs a license key to be able to connect to any SAP servers. You may also try to contact QT directly and see if they can give you an evaluation key valid for few days.

          Hope this helps.