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    QlikSense: Line Charts separated by Factor/Dimension

    Steve Wilson

      Good Afternoon Everyone ,

      So I am testing out QlikSense and trying to replicate a few things I did in QlikView. I understand they are different products and there will be some things QlikView can do which QlikSense can't, and visa versa. Each will have different limitations, which is what I am trying to find out.

      So in QlikView I was able to plot the following line chart, separating temperature profiles on the dimension ID. Each sub chart shows the temperature profile of a manufacturing run from temperature recording 1 to temperature recording 6. The ID represents an individual manufacturing run. I would like to say this method was pointed out to me by Sunny T in the qlikview community post Line chart of Expressions separated by Dimension

      QlikView line chart showing temperature profile of 5 manufacturing runs.

      This was accomplished by transforming my data from wide to long using the crosstable() function and selecting Trellis on the dimension tab.

      Is there anyway of replicating this in QlikSense.

      This way my attempt, I was not able to separate ID's into sub-charts. No Trellis option .

      QlikSense Line Chart showing all 5 manufacturing runs on the same axis/plot.



      Attached is the QlikSense app and the raw CSV file.

      All advice is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Steve