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    Linear trendline on a Scatterplot

    Steve Wilson

      Good Morning Qlikers,


      Hope everyone is having a lovely day.


      I am having a slight issue when adding a linear model using linest_m() and linest_b() to a scatter plot. As you can see from the scatter plot below I have calculated the gradient and y-intercept, but I am unable to add this is as a trend line.


      Previous posts in the community have shown how to add a trend line to a bar chart by adding an extra measure ( How to add lineal trend in Qlik sense). However, as you cannot add extra measures to a scatter plot this method doesn't apply. So I attempted to add the trend line equation through Add-ons -> X-axis reference lines -> Add reference line. This still didn't work for me.


      I have attached the data as a CSV file and also uploaded the QVF app.


      Scatter plot of Material Property Vs Delta T


      Background to data, investigating whether there is any correlation between varying process time (delta t) on material property.


      All help is greatly appreciated!