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    Call Function Modules in SAP


      Is there someone who has experiences with calling Function Modules in SAP remotely from QV?


      My customer wants to make a certain selection in his QV application, and by pushing a button --> opening SAP and running a specific transaction to view the original entry in SAP.

      I allready found the BADI for it, but how to call this function?


      Many thanks



      Sven Van den Bussche

        • Call BADI in SAP
          Rakesh Mehta

          Are you running a web gui environment? If yes, you can start SAP session in the webgui by preparing specific url according to your scenario.

          Another possibility is to create shortcut for your transaction (and some initial values) and then calling that shortcut using vbscript - somehow.

          My last option (and for sure it will work) is create a .net webservice using sap connector, and consume it in QV to show the rest of the transaction data.

            • Call BADI in SAP

              Hi Rakesh,


              Thanks for your reply, indeed, as you answered, we run the Web Gui overhere.

              If we make our selections in the Web Gui, finally we have an URL. If i copy this URL in a button, the SAP session opens in the transaction we want.


              But....... Now here is the tricky part.


              How can we make the HTLM coding flexible. How can I use a QV variable in the HTML string? On the internet there is a lot of info around SAP HTML Business, SAP ITS and so on, but how to encrypt this variable ....stays undiscovered (for now)

            • Call Function Modules in SAP
              sunil jain

              One Option is You can call function modelu by JCP Connector. you can get JCO Connector on SAP Market Place.

              It is Open Source BY SAP To his customer.