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    DSC, QDS and QVS are unreliable


      From times to times DSC, QDS och QVS seems to stop running. Suddenly you´re not able to access your applications via Accesspoint. You get error message "No Server". When you look into QEMC one (or more) of these services is down. The OS services on the server is up and running. The most common error message in the logfile for Diretory Service Connector is "Warning Resolving groups caused an exception Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.". If I restart all 6 Qlikview services in the OS the problem is solved. It seems to me that there is a dependency between the services. Do I need to start one service before the other? However, the problem accessing applications via Accesspoint keeps coming back.

      We have installed Qlikview Server and Publisher 9.0.7320.7 in an Win 2008 R2 environment on an virtual VMware server.

      Help Please....