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    How to load dashboard with N-1 date data



      I have a multiple date's data and when I present them on dashboard within table it add to all the days. I would like to show data n-1 calendar date or data which is latest date present in database. I'm using Qlik sense.


      Currently I'm presenting data based on filters:

      1. Month

      2. Date


      However I would like to show data for latest date available and rest others dates will be used for trending purpose.


      Thanks in advance for supporting me.




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          Kaushik Solanki



          It would be easy for us to guide you if you can share the sample data.



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Vineeth Pujari

            Do you mean you have data for Future dates as well?


            Do you want to restrict your data on the load script or charts?

            You can use set analysis expression as


            Date = {'<=$(=DATE(Today()-1),'YOURDATEFORMAT')'}      << all data until N-1

            Date = {'$(=DATE(Today()-1),'YOURDATEFORMAT')'}      << all data on N-1

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                Hello Vineeth,


                No, I dont have future dates however, I keep on appending my excel file with latest data against each row.


                Yes, I want to restrict data on the load script so that columns can show latest data on dashboard.My data look alike:


                Name     CPU     Memory     Date

                Server1     2          4               27-07-2016

                Server2     10     24               27-07-2016

                Server3     8         10               28-07-2016


                and so on


                I tried both the option above as suggested by you however they replicate below error. I tried coping syntax at before SET ThousandSep=','; or after  i.e. after set date & timestampformat but there is no change in error. Please suggest where to paste above syntax.


                my data load editor main script is :


                SET ThousandSep=',';

                SET DecimalSep='.';

                SET MoneyThousandSep=',';

                SET MoneyDecimalSep='.';

                SET MoneyFormat='₹ #,##0.00;₹ -#,##0.00';

                SET TimeFormat='hh:mm:ss';

                SET DateFormat='DD-MM-YYYY';

                SET TimestampFormat='DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss[.fff]';

                SET FirstWeekDay=0;

                SET BrokenWeeks=1;

                SET ReferenceDay=0;

                SET FirstMonthOfYear=1;

                SET CollationLocale='en-IN';

                SET MonthNames='Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr;May;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec';

                SET LongMonthNames='January;February;March;April;May;June;July;August;September;October;November;December';

                SET DayNames='Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun';

                SET LongDayNames='Monday;Tuesday;Wednesday;Thursday;Friday;Saturday;Sunday';



                Error message: Date = {'<=$(=DATE(Today()-1),'DD-MM-YYYY')'}      << all data until N-1


                Unexpected token: '<=', expected nothing

                The error occurred here:

                Date = {>>>>>>'<='<<<<<<} << all data until N-1

                Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again.