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    Applying Section Access AFTER distribution

    Mads Grathe

      Hi everyone


      Just a quick question: Is it possible to apply Section Access AFTER the distribution of a QlikView document?


      I'm hoping to have a master document where there is no Section Access, and then Loop & Reduce this document to a collection of smaller documents WITH Section Access.


      The reason being that the original document is too heavy to load in the Access Point if it has Section Access activated. So I would like the users, who are allowed to see everything, to not have to be greeted by a long loading time, since Section Access isn't really needed for them.


      Hope you understand my issue.

        • Re: Applying Section Access AFTER distribution
          Kaushik Solanki



          It is not possible to have section access applied after distribution, because section access is done at script level.


          In your scenario what will be best as per me is, you create separate application for Full access users and Restricted Access users.


          For full access users you will not have section access. But for restricted access users you will have section access.



          Kaushik Solanki