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    Aggr Line Chart help

    Azmina Virani

      Please help!
      I am creating a cumulative line chart and I am having some issues,

      The data is retrived from a QVD,  and the date in the QVD starts from 9,15,2015


      The line chart is for current month, that's why there is only one line. I dont know why the line moves down on the 15th for current month.

      Here is the chart:

      Dimensions: Day - Year

      Expression - aggr(Rangesum(above(TOTAL(SUM ({<Month = {$(=Month(Today()))} , MonthYear=, WeekDay=>} [TIPS Amount])), 0,rowno(TOTAL))), Year, Month, Day)



      Please explain why the chart dips on the 15th.