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    Increase Package Size - SAP

    Mike Garciam


      I'm pulling data via SAP Connector at a Rate of 5,000 record per second. I know there is a parameter to be placed in the connection String (Packetsize) to increase the number of records fetched per second. But when I set the parameter, apparently QV is ignoring it, since the packet size does not change.

      If I set it to 20,000, it stays at 5,000. If I set it to 200, it is still 5,000. Am I doing something wrong regarding syntax?

      This is how the string looks like:

      CUSTOMCONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPConnector;ASHOST=*************;SYSNR=**;CLIENT=***;XUserId=someuser;XPassword=somepassword;Packetsize=20000;";

      Can someone help?

      Also, when I load data from another set of tables, it goes down to 2,500 rows per second. What is causing it to drop?

      Thanks in advance.