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    Pre-built templates for JDE EnterpriseOne

      Hi Folks,

      We're currently in the process of evaluating QlikView and OBIEE as our BI solution for our soon to be JDE EnterpriseOne ERP implementation. I'm getting conflicting information but can anyone offer insight into the availability of pre-built templates for Sales, Supply Chain and Finance areas for the JDE EnterpriseOne platform?



        • Pre-built templates for JDE EnterpriseOne
          Adrian Parker


          We have such templates.for JDE E1 - They are being published soon on the QT website. Happy to discuss them with you.


            • Pre-built templates for JDE EnterpriseOne


              thanks for the reply. As a newbie to QlikView specifically and BI in general, I am really looking for a headstart in terms of developing usable applications in the areas of finance, sales, supplu chain, maunufacturing, orders, etc. Leveraging pre-built templates specifically for JDE seemed like a viable approach to getting started. we've just signed on to work with the Axis Group (QlikView implementation partner) to begin developing apps for my company. Axis Group indicated they have developed templates for JDE E1 as well.

              how long have you been working with the QlikView product? I'm just beginning to walk through the onlune tutorials but not really seeing the "ease of use" that everyone speaks of form a developer perspective when characterizing QlikView. However, I do realize there is a learning curve with anything. The E1 templates you refer to that are being published to the website, will they be available to anyone in the community to use?




              • Pre-built templates for JDE EnterpriseOne

                Hello Adrian,

                I'm also quite new working with QlikView but working for several years with JDE. I would be very interested in seeing the templates you're talking about. Would be great to hear when and where they would be published.

                Thanks and nice regards,