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    Deploying with two URLs- does not work in IE or from mobile device

    Adam Davies

      Dear All,


      We're working on support with this but hoping someone might have come across this issue before.


      We've added a second URL to allow external users (but on the domain) to connect via our F5 server

      This works great in Firefox, chrome and vivaldi but IE just hangs on the 'loading content' screen.


      This is the same from a mobile device (tried lots of browsers).


      In IE I can see that the load of /qcajaxzfc/accesspoint.aspx?mark=&platform=browser.&dpi=96 gets aborted and an error is logged to the console: Network error 0x2ef3 could not complete the operation due to error.


      Note that our internal address (FQDN) works fine in all browsers and on the device, if connected to the vpn


      I just can't understand this behaviour, note we are running IIS as well.