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    change field data on load

    Mike Taylor

      My script is as shown below


      LOAD [REC ID],


           [Date Created],

           [Date Due],

           [Date Closed],

           Month([Date Closed]) as MonthClosed,

           YearName([Date Closed]) as YearClosed,

           If([Date Closed]> [Date Due],2,1) as Overdue



      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is main);



      LOAD [PR ID] as [REC ID],

           [Grid ID],

           [Root Cause Tier 1],

           [Root Cause Tier 2],

           [Root Cause Tier 3]



      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Root Cause]);



      The data in [Root Cause Tier 1] contains a mixture of values


      I would like to change all the instances in [Root cause Tier 1] from material to materials

      tried a few options but unsuccessful at the moment.

      Could anyone help out?


      many thanks for looking.