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    An alternative to Set Analysis


      Hi All,

      In our area (im not from IT) we developed an application in a professional version 8.5. The fact is that right now the version running in the server is 8.2, so all our coding with set analysis do not work when anyone with an Analyzer tries to see it from the server.

      We need a quickly solution while IT makes the server upgrade , but we need to have this application on the server as soon as possible.

      Is not a complicated task but i could do the following just using Set Analysis and not "IF". Even though i managed quite well on designing the application, im not from IT and im not an advanced coder.

      In some charts we need the possibility of selecting a Main Month and also a Vs. Month. We are using two input boxes associated with variables.

      Mes: Select one month

      Mes Vs.: Select comparison month

      The time dimension of the uploaded that is called "Date"

      Here's an example of the coding used



      Sum({$<[Date]={$(mes)}>} [Vol Ucs]) - Sum({$<[Date]={$(Mes Vs)}>} [Vol Ucs])


      Thank you in adv.!





        • An alternative to Set Analysis
          John Witherspoon

          It appears that your set analysis is simple enough that it can be replaced with an IF.

          sum(if(Date=mes,[Vol Ucs])) - sum(if(Date=[Mes Vs],[Vol Ucs])

          The big downside of using IFs is performance. But if you'll be ugrading soon, it probably won't be worth trying to figure out a better solution, since the better solution is to go to version 8.5.