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    Scatter Plot Aggregation

    Siddharth Sharma

      Hi All


      I want to create one scatter plot


      My Data is like


      Date            Sales_Id(Nominal Data)        Sales        



      I want to see , if there is any pattern  of total Sales Made by No of Sales Id ( for each Month)


      So, Ideally I want aggregation of Sales_Id by month as one dimension

      and Sum of Sales by month as another dimension.


      I am trying

      aggr(count(Sales_Id),month(Date))  1st Expression

      aggr(sum(Sales),month(Date)) as 2nd Expression



      Please help.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Nitin Gupta

          Just Use:


          Count(Sales_Id) and sum(Sales)  as Expressions



          and Dimension as Month(Date)


          for scatter Chart





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            Oleg Troyansky

            I think you are over complicating your chart. Here is what I'd suggest:


            1. Calculate Month as a data field (in your load script)

            2. In your scatter chart, use Month as a Dimension

            3. Two expressions are:




            As a side comment, I'd say that any date-related charts are viewed better as a time trend. In order to visualize the correlation between the number of sales people and sales, I'd create a Combo chart with Month as a dimension, and the two expressions presented in Bars and a Line - both trends will be easily recognized and the correlation could be easily traced.



            Oleg Troyansky

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              • Re: Scatter Plot Aggregation
                Siddharth Sharma

                Thanks for your reply,


                I really like your approach.Yes, A combined line and Bar chart over months will surely give me desired results.

                My intention is to see that over different months, Sales persons try contact  their customers, I want to see if no of contact made has any affect on total revenue.


                No time line is not my concern.


                I want to conclude that if say in month Jan , people contacted 20 customers their revenue is say 4000 , similarly for each month I have different set of count and Sales...so I would have sort of 2 continuous dimensions, Count  and Sales.


                Different sets will give me different bubbles..this is my requirement...I want different combinations of Counts and Sales