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    SAPSQL Connector Tabe Linking Problem


      I am trying to extract the data through SAPSQLConnector using SPA BI Repository Files but after reloading that file. I have gor two Folder..

      Meta data : Contains Meta data

      QVD's : Contains CUBE QVD and Other Master QVD's

      When i reload all the master and Fact table into One QVW file..All master tables get linked and Create the Star Schema But tehre is not linking exists b/w Master Tables and A Single Fact Table.. how would i linked master and Fact table ...

      also that repository is not creating any Dimension tables.

      Can anyone help me..

      For SAP BI REPOSITORY ... in serch option type the name "00 SAP BI Metadata Repository_100" and download it from Qlikview.com..