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    Qlikview as Datasource - ODBC Linux?

      Hi There,

      Im trying to get OBIEE to pull data from a qlikview datasource. With no native support in OBIEE I've started looking at ODBC as a potential solution.

      I've stumbled on this article through google : http://ftp.qliktech.com/Archive/Files/QlikView/Older%20unsupported%20versions/7.51.3308/Files/ReadmeODBC.txt

      which describes a beta version of an ODBC driver.
      The thing is , I need it for Linux.

      Does anybody have any more info they can point me at please?

      Am I wasting my time or is there something out there?

        • Qlikview as Datasource - ODBC Linux?
          Karl Pover

          The QlikView ODBC lasted until version 8.5 and then it disappeared in version 9 because of its multiple errors. What we've done is export the data from QlikView to a text o xml file using actions or a macro in order to make it available to other applications

            • Qlikview as Datasource - ODBC Linux?

              Thanks for the reply Karl,

              Im an OBIEE developer so bear with me, I was hoping to utilize the Qlikview cube directly for performance benefits over hitting the star schema underneath it all.

              XML or text kind of puts be back to square one, if not less effective because at least with my relational tables I have the option of creating aggregates and using OBIEE to navigate between aggregate / detail.

                • Qlikview as Datasource - ODBC Linux?


                  Client tells me they are using 8.5.... so my POC might be back on if I can source a Linux ODBC Qlikview driver?

                    • Qlikview as Datasource - ODBC Linux?

                      Hello Alastair.

                      I think this is a very interesting thread. We are now implementing OBIEE 11g in our company, and have already some developments on QlikView. Integrating both worlds: QlikView and OBIEE sounds very interesting for me and am thinking on different architectures...

                      - Accessing QV data from OBIEE

                      - embedding QV in OBIEE, i.e. using QV as a new tool in a OBIEE portal

                      Any idea?

                      Maybe, we can share some experiences on this using this forum...