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    In Pivot table capture the Sales for only Same period of time


      Hi Guys,



      I have a table with some fields. I have created a pivot table.  In this table I am showing Company,Category,MonthYear and Sum of Sales.



      My requirement is that I need to Show only those records where MonthYear for Category Names are same.

      Example: For Company Boombastic there are 2 categories:1:  Men's cloth,2:Men's Footwear;

      So I have to track only those Sales for whom Sales has been happened in common period.

      Means I need to capture in chart this result::



      Company Name       Category        MonthYear         Sales  

      Boombastic         Men's Cloth      01-2008          1611.2

      Boombastic         Men's Cloth      05-2008          1285.85



      Boombastic         Men's footwear   01-2008          2451.9

      Boombastic         Men's footwear   05-2008          1234.72


      Here Periods are same.rest will be ignore.

      Similarly same for all the companies.

      Only Sales for same period for Categories of a company if happens then we have to capture those records.




      Thanks & Regards