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    Get a count from values between a certain range

      Dear all,


      I have the following data that I would like to load

      LOAD * INLINE [
      2012-02-02, 2
      2012-02-02, 3
      2012-02-02, 4
      2012-02-04, 4
      2012-02-06, 6

      And I have set the following variables:




      set vDate1 = "2012-02-02";
      set vDate2 = "2012-02-04";


      I would  like to create a graph that shows the count of the values between date1 and date2. So therefore I created a graph with the following expression


      count(<DATE={'>=$(vDate1) <=$vDate2)'}>}[WEEKIN]


      But this gives me an error. Any thoughts on where I go wrong?