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    Concat whit a date statement?

    Sebastian Fagerlund


      Am new at qlik and are self learn, so please bear with me!


      I have a problem to merge branch names to one cell whit a date statement in the set analys.

      I want to merge all branch names that have bought the product in the past 6 months.


      Feels like i have tried everything, this is the closet:

      if(date(Orderdate) > date(AddMonths(today(),-6)), concat(DISTINCT branchname, ','), '')


      This works in the table if i have the order date as a column. But then all the values is shown. So i don't want to display the order date in the table.


      Initial state:

      Product          Branch     Orderdate

      A                    AX,IC         2016-05-02

      A                    FO             2016-07-02

      B                    AX             2016-05-22

      B                    IC              2016-06-13


      I want this:

      Product         Branch

      A                    AX,FO,IC

      B                    AX,IC

      (and non Orderdate)