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    Developer Tool

      Hi Friends

      I hope developer will create reports using qlik sense desktop tool only.Can please let me know how users will access dynamic (Prompt select ) reports ? is there any specific tool ?



      Govind R

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          Thomas Karner



          not sure regarding your question. Let me answer with a short overview:


          Qlik Sense Desktop allows analyze locally. There is no user mangement available. You have to copy the .QVF files from one desktop version to the other.


          If you want to access more users and want to use data security, so that everyone can only see the data he/she is allowed to, you should use Qlik Sense Server. Each user can then analyse dynamically by themselves, only based on their data.


          If you want to provide static eports periodically (e.g. in PDF, XLS, Word, ...) you should use NPrinting.


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