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    Indirect Dimension Selection

    Joey Lutes

      I'm in the process of building a dashboard report that works nearly only with dimensions in Qlik Sense 2.2.3.

      Through the process, I need the ability to display indirect selections within a straight table of data.  Here is simplified example:


      Service          Site          SiteType

      A                    1                Aux

      A                    3                Key

      B                    2                Aux  

      B                    3                Key

      C                    1                Aux

      C                    6                Aux

      C                    7                Key


      Suffice to say that Service A is available at Sites 1 and 3 etc. 


      My intent would be to have a user select a (multiple) Site - Site 1.

      As Site one is selected, possible services are A and C.

      I need to show that Indirectly, Sites 1, 3, 6 and 7 are tied to those services.


      Furthermore, for services A and C, I want to identify the Key site associated with each (in this case, sites 3 and 7 respectively).


      I believe from what I've gleaned from Indirect Record Selection

      that this is possible using {p}, though my attempts thus far have failed.




      Thank you