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    nPrinting License Requirements for Multi Engine Deployment

    Wendy Wallace

      Good Day,


      I understand nPrinting Engine requires the following:

      • QlikView Desktop must be installed locally on the same physical or virtual computer as the QlikView NPrinting Engine.
      • QlikView Desktop must have an active license for the user who runs the QlikView NPrinting services. You can use a license code and control number, or assign a Named User CAL from your QlikView Server. 
      • User who runs the services must be Local machine administrator. It is not possible to add a set of specific privileges for a normal user; you must create a local administrator for QlikView NPrinting and it must have log on as a service rights.  The user must be reserved for QlikView NPrinting 17 services and not shared with any other services. You can use the same account when requested during the activation of QlikView NPrinting Engine, Scheduler, and Web Engine.

      Does this mean, in a multi-engine deployment, that each engine must have:

      • Unique service account created and
      • Assigned named user cal for each unique service account

      My assumption is "Yes" to both but I would like confirmation.