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    Engine API and qsocks: updated title not shown in Sense app

    Gregory Longé

      Hey all,


      I used qsocks as a wrapper for the Engine API in a Qlik Sense extension in order to update the title property of an object in my Qlik Sense application on demand. Basically, I linked the following code to an HTML button:


      The code seems to do its job just fine: the obj.getProperties method returns an object with the updated title. This change is however not reflected in the Qlik Sense application itself. When I try to refresh the Qlik Sense application, I get eternally the loading screen with the bubbles. If I however close the application, I am able to reopen it through the hub and the new title is suddenly shown.


      Am I overlooking something in my approach? How do I get the updated title immediately reflected in the application without the need for the procedure above or even without the need for the user to explicitely reload the page? If I follow the same steps with the Engine API Explorer, the change is immediately reflected in the app.


      Thanks in advance