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    table is not showing all data within a dimension



      I am new to Qlikview and trying to solve this issue.

      I need to create a table with two columns, first column is each person's name, and second one is hours per month, which is derived from a calculation in the expression tab:

      =IF(TODAY()>[Opp Exp Decision Date], ([Local Member Firm Fees]*[Opp Probability]/100)/295*0.5,[Local Member Firm Fees]*[Opp Probability]/100/295)/IF(((([Opp Est Eng End Date]-[Opp Est Eng Start Date])/30)=0),1,([Opp Est Eng End Date]-[Opp Est Eng Start Date])/30)


      However, the result is not showing everyone's hrs/month, it's only showing few of them. what kind of issue is this? How can I make sure everyone's name is included.


      Basically, my end goal is to create a hrs/month column which results from few of the raw data fields by writing a calculation script in the dimension field, based upon each person's name, or if you have better way please advise.


      Can someone help me on this? Thanks!