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    Analytics with query

      Hi there,


      I want to use an select statement to analyze my data that is already loaded into Qlikview.


      With other words I do not want to use the mouse and click on table entries to select them, but I want to write a statement that selects the data.


      Example (it is an SAP access rights analysis)

      Data is already loaded in QV.


      Table 1:



      Columns are displayed in different select boxes. But due to the fact that access rights always change, I do not want to make the selections by hand all the time but automate the selection.


      So, is there a possibility to create a button, an action, a bookmark or whatever in which I can dynamically query something like:


      SELECT *

      FROM table1

      WHERE Right = "F_BKPF_BUK"

      AND Field = ACTVT

      AND ((from > 3 AND to < 7) OR (from = '*'))


      In the next step I want to fill a list with many rights queries and try to automate all the selections, but first things first.


      Thanks a lot for your support,