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    Joe Nguyen


      First post in the forum, a few questions on the OLAP connector:

      I downloaded SAP Connector version 5.2, files 640-700.zip and QvcsetupRedist.exe both of SR1 release. I installed it on QV9 7440.8 SR3.

      In the script editor, I tried to use the Olap connector to get data from queries in BW system (SAP_BW = Release 701, Level 0005, highest support SAPKW70105). I tried to connect using a user ID that basically have SAP_ALL authorization. The connection was successful, but the system showed only one BW cube - 0BWTC_C02.


      1- Do I have the necessary BW release?

      2- Why only one cube showed, while there are numerous cubes with queries released for OLE DB for OLAP?

      3- What is the difference when connecting to BW via Application vs Message server?


      Thanks in advance for your help.