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    Hiding Dimension for 1 Expression in Pivot Table

    Riley MacDonald

      Hi All,


      I am trying to implement a pivot table where I can hide the dimension for Expression 3 only and not sure if it is possible.


      What I want to create looks like this:


      Expression 1Expression 1Expression 1Expression 2Expression 2Expression 2Expression 3
      Vendor 1
      Vendor 2
      Vendor 3
      Vendor 4


      My Dimensions Are:




      My Expressions Are:

      Expression 1

      Expression 2

      Expression 3


      In order to get the Total columns I simply checked the following boxes:

      Presentation -> Vendor -> Show Partial Sums

      Presentation -> Month -> Show Partial Sums


      The only thing left to do is to show Expression 3, however when I add expression 3 it will show me the columns Apr, May and YTD. How can I make expression 3 show only the Total?