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    Not able to see base sheets in app


      Good day, hoping someone can assist with this issue.


      We are using Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.1


      Starting this week all of a sudden users are not able to see the base sheets of a published app that they are not the owner of. If you are the owner of the app can see all sheets fine.


      Have security rules setup that utilize group & app level management, this was working fine. Setup following Marcus Spitzmiller's video Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management - YouTube


      I have tried disabling all new security rules and only have default installed ones enabled and still same issue. Checked audit and all shows fine on this as well.


      This includes root admin user id as well as monitoring apps. Installed new in November last year and just now getting most people using and now they cannot.


      Any thoughts???

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          ANDY SALLEE

          Determined what the cause was, hopefully may help someone else.


          When applied the new security rules needed the Implicit naming applied to the App instead of Explicit. Lot of research and work for an underscore! Gotta love programming!


          • Explicit type naming using wildcard (_*)Use the "_*" wildcard to explicitly define the type of resource to apply the rule to.For example, "App_*" will apply the rule to all App resources only.
          • Implicit type naming using wildcard (*)Use wildcard to define the resource or resources.For example, "App*" will apply the rule to all resources beginning with "App". This means that this rule will apply to apps, sheets, stories, data and objects.