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    Find difference in the rows and get the count

    Mohan B


      I am new to qlikview. I have a requirement to compare the data between two difference sources and find the existence of a the field. (source A holds all req types together but source B has different tables for each rep type)


      Table A                                     Table B_OR                    Table B_CR                           Table B_RT

      ID    req_type  trade_date      ID    req_type  trade_date    ID    req_type  trade_date          ID    req_type  trade_date

      1      OR         8/3/2016         1      OR         8/3/2016        1      CR         8/3/2016             1      RT          8/3/2016

      2      OR         8/3/2016         3     OR           8/3/2016                                                       3     RT          8/3/2016

      1      CR         8/3/2016         5     OR          8/3/2016

      1      RT          8/3/2016         4    OR         8/3/2016

      3     OR           8/3/2016       6     OR         8/3/2016

      3     RT          8/3/2016         

      4     OR           8/3/2016       

      4     CL            8/3/2016       

      8     OR           8/3/2016


      My output should display the count of ID based on the rep_type for two tables and difference between them. Also, It should display the Id stating the issue as below:

      Header 1NWCRORCLRT
      Table A01412
      Table B01502


      Found in B not in A
      8Found in A not in B


      Please Advice..


      Thanks in Advance