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    How to make my LY sTOCK display -1,534,101 ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I have below expression from Ruben , it return -1,534,101 when i click on Blue Button is correct :-


      Sum({$<year, month, date={'<=$(=AddMonths(Max(date), -12))'}>}TOTAL Aggr(Sum({<year, month, date={'<=$(=AddMonths(Max(date), -12))'},sTOCK = {'sTOCK'}>}[Amount]), YearMonth))



      But when i not select sTOCK field = sTOCK , it return -1,306,777 which is wrong , How to make it display -1,534,101 ? ( when user click organ color button )

      Reason in QS my app does not allow me activated  field = sTOCK.