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    VB Macro to create e-mail from HTML file

    Henrique Demarco

      Dear helpers,

      I have a macro to create e-mail and send few charts to company stakeholders. My intention is to use HTML file emailrep.html as a default for body. This HTML file has more than 400 lines, so it is hard to convert it to a string using "& _" in the end of each line.

      Pasting HTML code into Qlikview macro creates syntax error.


      Set MyOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
      Set myItem = MyOlApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
      htmlfile = "Qlikview\emailrep.html"
      With myItem
          .To = Email.Item(i).Text
          .BodyFormat = 2
          .Subject = "Sales Report - " & Field.Item(i).Text
          .HTMLBody = htmlfile
          .Attachments.Add ("Report.pdf")
      End With


      Does anyone know how to get HTML file and use as e-mail body with this circumstances?

      The use of Outlook is not mandatory. Just developed because it is easier for me.