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    limited load with SAP connector.


      when developing new (and complicated) extraction processes it is absolutely necessary to debug them with a limited amount of data.

      If the script should be ready and correct the complete data load can start.

      For huge R/3 tables the connector needs hours to get ready (no matter whether I limit data using the debugger or using the first statement).

      This is a very bad effect for my QV-development productivity.

      It would be a benefit for all to speed up SAP extraction with subsets of data.


      Eckhard Schneyinck

        • limited load with SAP connector.
          Rakesh Mehta

          Hi Eckhard,

          You can introduce a variable in the beginning of the script, say vDebug, and when it is set to "X", you can introduce a WHERE condition automatically in the extract query, on a table field (like BUKRS, or VKORG, etc.).

          In any case, debugging based on a variable is always a good idea, as while debugging you may want to restrict load on the main (big) table but you may want to load all records from smaller (text, dimension) table.

          Hope this helps.