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    Standard deviation with aggregate set analysis

    Jarrad Murray

      Hi All,


      I am trying to apply set analysis to a standard deviation equation which uses an aggregate function.  I am having real difficulty getting this to work correctly and would greatly appreciate and assistance or guidance.


      The equation that I am using is


      Stdev(aggr(sum({<PODGroup4Description = {'AandE'}, MonthKey = {'<=$(vMonthPosition)'}>}ActivityActual), MonthKey, ActivityActual))


      The variable $(vMonthPosition) = 13  but will be calculated within the application to allow it to be dynamic.


      This equation gives me a figure of 262 for the standard deviation instead of the 108 I am expecting.


      Looking at the comments about the aggregate function I need to apply the set analysis within the outside of the aggregate but when I do this it errors and gives me nothing.


      Does anyone have an idea as to where I am going wrong with this or what I might be able to do to fix it.


      Kind Regards