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    Listbox expression doesn't show up green when selected...

    Hans de Vries

      I have made a listbox which contains an expression, so people can choose a range of possible amounts.

      The listbox comes up nicely...


      Problem is: when a range is selected, the selection doesn't turn green. I can't be de-selected either..


      What am I doing wrong, anyone?



      =if(([Netto sch.lst. doss.])>=500000,'€500.000 en meer',
      if(([Netto sch.lst. doss.])>=400000,'€400.000 - €500.000',
      if(([Netto sch.lst. doss.])>=300000,'€300.000 - €400.000',
      if(([Netto sch.lst. doss.])>=200000,'€200.000 - €300.000',
      if(([Netto sch.lst. doss.])>=100000,'€100.000 - €200.000','€0 - €100.000')))))