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    Use a date variable as a selection criterium

      Dear all,

      I have the following data

      let vFromDate = Floor (Date# ('2013-01-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD'));
      let vToDate = Floor (Date# ('2016-06-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD'));

      LOAD * INLINE [
          4-1-2013, 12
          5-1-2013, 13
          6,1-2013, 11


      And I have created a date slider linked to variable 'vInput1'


      And now I create a straight table with the following expressions:

      Count({<OFF_SWITCH_DAT ={'>=$(=Date(vInput1),'')'}>} UVC_OMS)
      count({$<OFF_SWITCH_DAT_2 ={'>=$(=Date(vInput1),'DD-MM-YYYY') '}>}[UVC_OMS] )


      Could anybody tell me why I still get a 0 value when I select 5-1-2013 in the date slider in the select column and 3 (so no filter) in the second one !