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    Visualization Choice?

    Mark Ritter

      I need to mimic an excel report into Qlik Sense.  It is kind of a combination of a table and a pivot table.  I am not sure what I can use to get as close to this as possible.


      I can't give you a screen shot because of patient information.  So I'll try to explain below.


      The data is grouped by Therapist.  The first line has the Therapist name, Discipline, Employee Status, etc.  Then it breaks down by activity date showing the patient names, their discipline, payor, etc. 


      So only the first row has the Therapist information.  Every row after that is the breakdown by date of the patients seen on that day.  There are no measures in this report. 


      It almost seems to me that this needs to be broken up into 2 visualizations. 


      I am open to any suggestions.

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You could try a calculated dimension as the first chart dimension:

          =[Therapist Name] & chr(10) & 'discipline: ' & [Discipline]  & chr(10) & 'status: ' & [Employee Status]  & chr(10) & etc...

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              Mark Ritter

              Here is the column heading row in the current report.


              So a single row of data about the Therapist until you get to activity date.  Then it displays the first date (say 07/01/2016) and then list all of the patients seen on that date on a separate line.  Then it displays the next date followed by all of the patients seen on that date. 


              There are no calculations or measures in this report.


              So something like this:


              Therapist      Activity Date

              Mary Smith     07/01/2016  Joe PT Medicare

                                                      John OT Medicare

                                   07/02/2016   Susan PT HMO

                                                      Mary ST Medicare