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    $ Sign Convention in Loading Script

      Please Help me with my Script, I am trying to import Sheets from Xcel File , based on the it's Name stored in the Sheet, It is showing error When it's picking up the Sheet name in the Code (Marked as Bold).



      LOAD [Ops Name]

      FROM [lib://Nurturing (win-gt1ds6k1q8k_administrator)]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Ops Name])

      Where len([Ops Name])>0





      Load count(distinct [Ops Name]) as "Ops Count"

      resident NurturingOps;



      Let vcountops=peek([Ops Count]);

      drop table countops;



      for i=1 to 1

      //Let vOpsname=peek([Ops Name],$(i),NurturingOps);

      LET vsheetName = purgeChar(purgeChar(peek([Ops Name],$(i),NurturingOps), chr(39)), chr(36));


      CrossTable([Opps Remark Date],[Nurturing Remark])

      LOAD [Trip ID],


      FROM [lib://Nurturing (win-gt1ds6k1q8k_administrator)]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [$(vsheetName)] );

      next i;