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    Help with API

    Erica Jarman

      This is the code to pull data using API against the BLS database. We are required to add a credential. Where in Qlik do I need to add my "registrationkey" in the Payload (JSON) part of the code?



      Multiple Series

      Use this signature to retrieve data for more than one timeseries for the past three years. Registered users can include up to 50 series IDs, each separated with a comma, in the body of a request.


      HTTP Type:POST
      URL (JSON):http://api.bls.gov/publicAPI/v2/timeseries/data/
      URL (Excel):http://api.bls.gov/publicAPI/v2/timeseries/data.xlsx
      Header:Content-Type= application/json
      Payload (JSON):{"seriesid":["Series1",..., "SeriesN"], "startyear":"yearX", "endyear":"yearY",
      "catalog":true|false, "calculations":true|false, "annualaverage":true|false,
      "registrationKey":"000f4e000f204473bb565256e8eee73e" }
      Example Payload:
      {"seriesid":["LAUCN040010000000005", "LAUCN040010000000006",