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    QlikView 10 beta Configurable LDAP


      I'm testing QV 10 beta, and I want my users in a LDAP.

      I have downloaded Apache Directory (http://directory.apache.org) wich is running on the same server.

      In the Enterprise Mgmt console, System, Setup ... Configurable LDAP I add my Directory [LDAP://] [uid=admin,ou=system] [secret]

      It seems that the connection is working because if I enter a misspelling username or password get an error message. Correct username & password makes it go away.

      In Settings (click the pen icon) I must configure a number of parameters
      Account name property name: uid
      Cache expiry in minutes: 60
      Directory label: DSP1
      Display name property name: cn
      E mail property name: mail
      Group member property name:
      Group object class value: groupOfUniqueNames
      I d property name: uid
      L d a p filter: (objectclass=inetOrgPerson)
      Service timeout in seconds: 30
      User member of property name: memberof
      User object class value: inetOrgPerson

      These values must match what I have in my Apache Directory. The above values is a test based on the sevenSeas example explained in Apache Dir User guide. So far it does not work for me.

      Since this is new to me I wonder if there is any example or description on a basic configuration that makes it possible for a user to login?