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    Qlik Sense - Histogram - using class() and aggr()



      I would like to create a histogram. I have seen some examples on discussion forums using the class() and aggr() functions by they were not very clear and I am struggling to get it right.


      My data (of relevance) is as in the following format:


      Incident numberOpened by


      [Incident number] is an ID field and I perform Count([Incident number]) to tally the number of incidents opened by each person.


      I am trying to get a histogram that will have bins for Count([Incident number]) of the X-axis and the number of people (from the [Opened by] field) that fall in each bin on the y-axis.


      If possible, I would also like the bin widths to be generated dynamically ans other field options may be selected that would filter the data used in aggregation.


      Please let me know if this can be obtained using the class and aggr functions.


      Kind regards,