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    Stale data in NPrinting 17.1 reports

    Michael Burt

      Hi All-


      I am testing the distribution of a report in Nprinting, and am dealing with some stale data issues.


      I have a local connection set up through NP 17.1, to a QVW file sitting on our QlikView server.  the connection generates metadata without any issues, and I've been able to successfully distribute the report.


      My issue is that the report (which gets reloaded via the QMC on the Qlik Server every hour) does not update with the new data, when I run the Publish Task, or when I set it to trigger automatically.


      I've tried setting up the connection to the QVW using the server connection, but the result is very buggy and I'm unable to create the report I want, which is why I am using a local connection string.


      Any ideas?  I've seen the posting about the workaround with the registry key changes, etc., but that is only for the server connection.