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    Qlik Sense Do not open

    Nitin Gupta

      Hi All,


      There is an issue with the opening of Qliksense desktop  application.


      I have Sense 2.2 installed on my system.


      Previously it was working fine but , now its not opening, I dont know whats the issue.

      I tried to re-install several times.

      When I checked the task manager after double clicking the shortcut, it shows the Qliksense process is running , but its not showing in Applications Tab and not even I cannot access the QVFs which I created.

      Have anyone faced this type of issue previously??




        • Re: Qlik Sense Do not open
          Phaneendra Kunche

          Hmm..i haven't seen that before. For me it usually takes some time to load due to the no of apps, but desktop will be shown.


          try these

          1. kill the all "qliksense.exe" processes by going to task manager if they are already running

          2. open sense desktop again.

          3. wait for a min and see, if desktop doesn't pop up open browser and try this localhost:4848/hub


          if above doesn't work, then uninstall and delete all qlik sense related files (not QVF's or content) and re install.


          Or try with latest 3.0 version and see if you have the same behavior.