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    Changing Multiple Measures with a single filter pane selection

    Priyash shahane

      Hey guys,


      I have a dataset with PC and Mobil data.

      The structure is as follows:


      Site,...,...,.., PC_visits,Mobil_visits,pc_minutes,mobil_minutes


      I m am trying to create a sheet which has a table with columns like pc_visits,mobile_visits etc. however i want the measures to change based on the filter pane selection between PC and Mobile (as a filter pane object in the same sheet)


      So basically, if the option PC is selected the Table should be


      Site          sum(PC_visits)          sum(pc_minutes)


      if option mobile is selected, the table should be


      Site     sum(mobile_visits)          sum(Mobile_minutes)   



      The two solutions i could thing of were using If else but thats not an efficient approach when the data scales. The other option was to modify the dataset in a way such that both measures for PC and Mobile are in same column with a separate flag column separating them. However it is a pain for me to do that.


      Is there something i can using set analysis or something to solve this

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          Phaneendra Kunche

          I would say add a inline table and do this to get what you want.



          Load * Inline [

          Metric, MetricVisits, MetricMinutes

          PC, PC_visits,PC_Minutes

          Mobile, Mobile_visits,Mobile_Minutes



          Note: Bolded above needs to be exact column names that you have in your data model including capitalization.


          In UI create a list box. You can use attached extension which has "Always one selected' value, so that you can avoid senario where user picking both PC&Mobile.


          In your expressions use this.